Good bye parking spot

So obviously I have missed a few pictures for my 2017 project 365….life really got hectic and I just didn’t have the time to devote to the project like I wanted to. So I am abandoning the official 365 project. Its just doesn’t fit into my life comfortably, and thats OK. What I am going to do is to continue posting images to this blog, some will be just a single, like today, and others will be a bunch in one day. It won’t be a proper 365, but I will still be trying to take a picture everyday and post it here and to Flickr, explaining what I was going for. My hope is this will still continue to help develop and advance my photography skills, but not lock me down to taking an image every single day and worrying about writing it up and editing it. Another reason I haven’t been posting images is I have been shooting film, which has to be sent off to be developed so I wait until I have 5 or 6 rolls ready to go, meaning there are images I took 4 months ago that I have not developed. Anyway enough of that, on with blog things.


Here is the image for today, this is the motorcycle parking on the campus I work at. They are about to demolish this entire area (you guessed it, in the fence) and I will have to park somewhere else while they build a new building in this area. I have been parking my bikes here for years, and I know in the mornings before the coffee kicks in I’ll forget, and ride up to this fence and have to turn around.


Parking spot

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