Playing with DOF

This image is pretty self explanatory. Last night was playing with the 50 1.4 wide open around the house. This is my favorite shot of the evening.



Went Full Frame

So I sold the D500 and my DX lenses and have jumped into full frame. I did take a little hiatus from digital shooting and spent a few months shooting 35mm film. It was fun but I definitely missed digital and the instant results. So this post is me restarting my photo a day attempt. I am not going to count or call it a 365, this will be more of a casual thing for me posting when I feel inspired, and not worrying about it when I don’t. So the first post from my new to me Nikon D750 is this image. Shot looking through a Nikon 50 1.8 AIS lens I had on my desk. This was shot for a photo challenge on the Nikon subreddit, I liked it so much it is my photo of the day. I raised the exposure by .10 in lightoom, everything else is straight out of the camera.


Through a different eye