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Hello and welcome to my little space on the internet. My name is Eric. I am 27 years old, pursuing a Masters Degree in Digital Forensics from Sam Houston State University. I am also working for the department as a System Administrator running the lab and classroom infrastructure and supporting class activities for courses and projects. On top of that job I am also an intern for a police department, working with patrol and CID. I am a scatter brain, and pretty much get addicted to any hobby I try. There are a few hobbies which I make an effort to focus on; photography, ham radio, golf, computers, and motorcycles. I am single, so most of my money goes into these hobbies haha. My current bike is a 2001 Yamaha Roadstar which I love. Previously I had a Yamaha Vstar 650 which was a great starter bike and I have many great memories involving that bike.

My personal email pgp key is 51CEEB1B



Please browse through the blog, comment on anything no matter how old the post. Comment on this post if you have any thoughts or feedback on a better way to organize what I have posted on this blog. Some posts are going to be thoughts or ideas I have, others will just be a collection of information that I wanted to save to be able to come back to later.

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