Today I got a new toy. I picked up a nikkor 50 1.4G used. Was running around with it on my camera and the sunset turned into a beautiful show of oranges and purples.I kept looking around for something cool to bounce this light off of and i looked up to see a plane and some clouds. This is what I came up with.



I took a time lapse of the sun going across the sky. I haven’t made made the timelapse video yet as my laptop is not wanting to cooperate so I will work on it this week and get it posted. Here is one of the images from the timelapse.



Took 6 images of a pine tree in the backyard and stitched them together. I might have gone a little overboard in PP on the sky but I still think it looks pretty good.



Today is a dreary, cold, misty day. It’s 34 degrees and overcast. I didn’t bring my D7100 with me today, I forgot to throw it in my backpack so I decided to take my Friday landscape with the Sony RX100ii. I really haven’t used this camera much since I bought it last year. Its small enough that I carry it everywhere with me, and I play with it when I think about it but to be honest I’m just not comfortable with this camera. So I spent today working on landscapes with it and I am pretty happy with the result. This image is the window view from my office. I raised the windows of course before taking this image. This is straight out of the camera, I used lightroom to export the JPG I uploaded to Flickr.




This one is pretty self explanatory. I went to the airport and spent some time shooting planes. I worked on getting a nice shot framed with downtown in the picture, I am pretty happy with how this one turned out.



Playing with black and white. I was hoping for the bricks to be blurred a little bit more but I am still pretty happy with how this turned out.


Project 365 Introduction

Essentially a project365 is what it sounds like. I will take and post (try to) a picture everything day. I have attempted these before and usually get a few months in and lose interest. So for 2017 I am going to try and complete this again. I have read in various places that have weekly themes help break up the project and make it easier to get a good photo opportunity everyday. So my daily themes will be like this:

Monday – Black and White

Tuesday – Open

Wednesday – HDR / long exposure

Thursday – Macro

Friday – Architecture/landscape

Saturday – Panorama/stitch photograph

Sunday – Open

Why am I doing this? There has to be a reason behind this or I will have no real desire to complete this. I have the equipment, and I have the desire to use it. So this will be a reason to carry some gear with me everyday and work on pictures. I don’t really have any pictures of my 20s to look back on when I am older. That bothers me. By starting this now I will already be in a habit of having a camera with me and taking pictures before I start my 30s, hopefully resulting in me having more photos to reflect on. Another goal is to really learn my camera. I have had a d7100 for a couple years and I know how to use it in the general sense. But I know using it everyday will push me to really learn and experience all the different settings and combinations. There is more to it than just the ISO Aperture settings, learning how the various autofocus modes work and the variations between them, working with different environments and learning how settings change those results. I hope I will make it through the entire year, but we will see how far I get.


What I expect to post, the pictures will go onto Flickr. From there I will link to them here and to my instagram. I will do a short write up of each photo here, maybe explain what I was trying to achieve and the settings I used, then the settings i changed to create the photograph and how it changed. That seems kind of daunting to post that everyday for each picture I take, so I am sure some days will not be anywhere near as detailed as some other days.